Little things to make him feel loved

Cook for his heart first
For men, food is much beyond just filling up. They relish their meals and it’s no exaggeration that the way to their heart goes through their tummy. List down some of his favorite snacks, meals or platters, and treat him to something or the other every few days. That way, he will always look forward to sharing his table with you.

Prep up for him
Men, by genetics, are attracted towards beauty. And a woman who keeps herself groomed (physically and mentally) is sure to win them over. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, but he wants to see you making efforts once in a while. Book yourself a salon session every month, enroll with a gym, buy yourself a perfume, speak to your girl friends often… Go out of the way to get an extra dash of fitness, he will know it’s all for him!

Become his Piggy Bank
Our society has put the extra pressure of being the “providers” on our men, and they don’t wish to lose out on that. Perhaps that is why so many of them tend to overspend. But you can sure make it lighter for him by helping him save. Regardless of who brings salary in your home, be willing to save for him. To ease him, get vocal about how grateful you are for all he does for the family.

Be loyal to his love
When a man hands his time and life to you, realize how much it matters to him. As a gesture of gratitude, never talk bad about him… in his presence, or behind him. Anything good or bad you say about him affects the energy you put out when you’re together. Make sure you only praise your man everywhere, and watch your relationship getting even better!

Show affection
Many men may not be too expressive about their affection towards their spouses, but they desire it just as much as anyone. So take the lead, let him know how fond you are of him. Touch him often. Kiss him just because. Run your fingers through his hair while he’s watching TV. Give him bear hugs when he’s just passing by. A back rub should happen every now and then.

Catch him ‘red-handed’
Remember to thank him or encourage him in the middle of it all. Things like “Thanks for helping with the groceries”, “Whoa! Look at that massive bicep!” and “That’s very thoughtful of you” go a long way in any marriage. In fact, simply asking him to fetch you the cookie jar from the top shelf or to open the tight lid gives out a message that you need him for basic things. These make him feel more wanted.

Write to him
Letters are not passe, they can’t be. Fetch a set of Stick-it Notes, and leave him cute messages everywhere, preferably where you know he will surely reach. You sure know he touches TV remote with food-smeared fingers. Just a note with “A tissue first, please!” on his remote will crack him up. Besides, that will make him feel so warm that you notice the little bits he does.



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