Long-distance Relationship? Fret not!

They say, if you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart. But for some, it’s easier said than done. Here’s how it can be easier to you and your partner!

Don’t communicate too much

Some believe that to keep a long-distance relationship going, they have to be texting and ‘in a conversation’ for 16 hours a day. But that’s doing more harm than good. The best technique would be to text at the right spots, to tug at the heart strings, and to strum when you want them to miss you back. Relish the distance and hope for the time when you’d be together. Anything more can come across as “clingy”.

Experience it as a test

Real gold is not afraid of fire, and if your love is real, no distance must affect it. Have faith and move on as if your love is not reliant on distance. Your bond will be all the more beautiful when you walk out of this ‘test’.

Set your rules

It is of high importance that both the parties define their rules and limits before jumping into a long distance relationship. Nothing at all during the distant days should catch the other party off-guard or take them by surprise. Everyone comes with different commitment levels, and not having the expectations met in the end would only lead to bitterness.

Get creative

With just texts to be your only way of communication, you cannot demand to feel the same as real-life dates. The way out in this case would be to get creative with how you communicate. Send some audio messages when you know they really need to feel you more than just a text. If you know they only expect texts from you at a certain time, try video-calling once, and you’d watch them blush.

Avoid “danger”

Keep it safe and sorted when you know you might be hitting them at the wrong point. For example, if you know they are specifically annoyed of a friend of yours who’s visiting you sometime and may even drag you out for a drink for 2 hours at some nearby club, only one hour before their visit is not the best time to tell your partner of them same. You don’t wish to put them in a situation where they’re worried, suspicious or helpless. If it’s a plan you can’t avoid, tell your partner beforehand and earn their confidence. Also, don’t vanish during those 2 hours. Check on them once or twice during this time, and they’ll be reassured they matter more to you than anyone.

Get together

Thankfully in this age when everything is digital, it’s easier to do things ‘together’. Go online shopping together, buy each other gifts you like. Get on a video call while out for a walk, you’ll feel like you’re together. Have a Skype call where one’s engrossed in an activity, the other will feel like they’re party to it.

Define your visits, and keep surprises too!

Getting to meet their partner is extra special for those in a long-distance relationship. Things like holding hands and kissing may be ordinary to anyone else, but these folks value them so much more. In this case, it is important to define how often you can grant each other visits, so that there is something to look forward to when you’re feeling blue. But, but, but… also remember the age-old magic of giving surprises. Drop in a day early, or stay an extra day longer. These unplanned moves could cost you a bit more money, but will be totally worth it!

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