Rule his heart with these quick no-costers

  1. Always ask “How was your day” the first time you meet him after work, and genuinely hear him out. Even if you can’t help, then too.
  2. When in the kitchen, check on him if he wants something, and bring him that.
  3. Offer him a back rub time-to-time. Men often fail to acknowledge any pent-up physical exertion, help him realize how Tired is not a way of life.
  4. Do something that’s typically his role in home, like taking out the trash. It helps put across the appreciation better.
  5. Even if you’re in the middle of a winged eyeliner, stop it and listen to him if he is talking. An immediate response with a joyful attitude makes them feel more attended, typically before something considered very dear to women.
  6. When out for a quick errand, call them and check if they too need something from the market. Grab it on your way.
  7. Make him dinners that you know he savors.
  8. Husbands definitely need some flirting in the house. When casually passing him in the house, acknowledge his presence. Kiss his cheek, and go where you were headed. Or just grab his butt. Or simply whistle playfully in a way he turns to look at you.
  9. Men put extra efforts to be funny, because their books say women love that. Laugh at his jokes, he will be reassured.
  10. If you’re home before he arrives, prep up for him. Have a quick bath if possible, dress differently so that he notices, spray a different perfume, put on some mascara. Do everything he appreciates and you enjoy.
  11. Express an honest gratitude for something he has done for you. Helping you with the back-zip of your dress could be insignificant for him, your joyful “Thanks” will only make him feel better.
  12. On the days you know he returns with a bad mood, don’t act over-enthusiastic to drag him out of the phase. Instead, keep it subtle, and do what you know he actually enjoys. Put on his favorite News channel, get him his kind of tea with some extra ginger, and arrange some comfort food so that you don’t spend the evening in the kitchen and can be present with him in his kind of an evening.

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