Does your man withdraw sometimes?

There are days when a man is excited to have you around. He often calls up, sets up dates, brings you flowers, and what not. But in the flip of a day, he is suddenly distant and behaves like your presence is taking him away from himself. He stops making any plans, feels like you’re mostly wrong, and realizes he doesn’t like you that much anymore.

The good news… this is natural!

Once a man experiences intense closeness to a woman, he wants to have more and more of it. But also at the same time, he wants to have his own space. It may sound contrary, but men function like that. They believe having their own sweet time would reinforce the connect between the two parties. But if you learn that sooner, and let him have his own time when he wishes so, you can keep him emotionally and physically engaged with you.

He is not living his “purpose”.

Having a clear goal is very important for a man. It may be something as direct as excelling at work or having a company of one’s own, or less measurable like experiencing their favorite sport. What matters in any case is that he has his goal clear before his eyes. If not so, he can withdraw from anything that diverts him, including you.

His (lack of) purpose affects you.

Once a man notices that his purpose is going haywire and that isn’t how he visualized his future, he would become more irritable, annoyed, restless and withdrawn. Even men fail to acknowledge what has changed about them, but they would sure notice their social self collapsing. Then they make a deliberate effort to connect again, but then again slip out. This constant fluctuation in the status can sure freak you out, but that is his conflict with himself. He is internally fighting his own self, you shouldn’t judge his behavior like he’s specifically based on your wrongdoing.


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