It’s time they left you, and for good!

No reciprocation

So many times during our work-hours, we simply pull our phone out and send a simple “Miss you :(” message to them. But if you’re the only one sending this message, the only one who makes the mid-day call, or the only one who makes plans for all date nights, you’re perhaps in an arrangement, not in a relationship. If there is a such an inequity in the relation, without any partnership, it’s a red signal to understand.

There’s just “You too” from them

Words matter a lot in a relationship, more so when it’s a romantic bond. Sincere, honest and spontaneous compliments go a long way ahead. But when one partner no longer means what they say, “You too” is the easiest reply. “Hey, you look good!” shouldn’t be met with “You too”. “Have a good day” deserves more than “You too”. And YOU deserve more than “You too”. It means that words are just routine and must be said to keep the relationship going.

Hiding bits here and there

If the relationship has progressing in a way that one partner hides who they are with, what they’re doing, it’s a red alert. They may not be doing something you specifically dislike, or meeting someone you’ve warned them against, but purposefully hiding anything in general leaves a message that there are gaps between you both that they’re seeking to fill.

Intimacy is just physical

Remember the “make love” name for it. A happy couple involves a lot of laughter, meaningful conversations, playful banters and emotional bonding etc. when making love. Their intimacy is a combination of physical, emotional, intellectual stimulation. But if your partner is leaving scope for everything and barely gets intimate without considering your preferences or availability, the connection becomes meaningless.


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