These “Attempts at Happiness” may be harming you instead

1- The core of loving someone else is to love your own self first. If you have already understood the essence of self-love, congratulations! You have surpassed millions of others who haven’t acknowledged the need yet. However, if your self-love is focused on momentary bliss, you may need a closer look.

You must have gone out shopping solo, blown up cash on an expensive spa or haircut, bought yourself a handbag that costs a bomb, or planned to buy a big car whose installments will continue for years… If you have loved yourself just how one seeks the next “fix”, you are headed wrong. Because no matter how happy these ‘little’ materialistic joys make you right away, they’re hiding a dangerous expression of dissatisfaction underneath.

2- The very purpose of having society around us is so that we have someone to turn to in hour of need. It’s imperative that when someone else turns to us, we be good to them. Maybe that is why you have committed to shop with that annoying cousin the coming weekend despite needing rest for yourself. Or allowed the neighbors’ kid to cycle around in your backyard while the parents are away. And recall yet again how you gulped down the juice your friend served that was actually too sweet for you.

If you are often mistaking these little acts for Courtesy, you’re probably calling for trouble. The people around may love you for how generous and kind you always are and how you never back out from helping them, but you’ll always feel the void of not having listened to your own heart. Be gentle on yourself in the process.

3- Everyone has harnessed some idea of love during a phase or another. You too must be looking for someone to come and make you feel understood and appreciated. Just watching a sunset holding their hands would be a romantic moment, and they will whisper a sweet “I love you” into your ear making you go weak in the knees.

We have news for you… No matter how many times they say “I love you”, you’d never feel enough because you do not love your own self. You seek someone else to complete you, and that only proves that you are incomplete. The best thing to believe is that you are a whole person, with your own strengths and flaws… and finding someone right would mean double the fun!


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